With most everybody already headed back to school, we thought we’d ask Mamma Mary Ellen what back to school looked like in her house when her children were younger. This time of year meant school supply shopping, lunch planning, and making sure the kids started getting back in the swing of things.

“They would start going to bed 15 minutes earlier & waking up 15 minutes earlier for a couple days, so on and so on, ’til it was their normal bed time.  So we usually started about 2 weeks out. We didn’t go anywhere, like vacation, unless to Conway to visit grandparents and we kept it pretty quiet for those last couple of weeks. They would read or do arithmetic instead of watching TV, as much, but would go down to the beach for a few hours.  Wasn’t quite what they wanted but it made the first few days of school easier!”


Once it came time for their first day back, the focus turned to what to pack for lunch. For Mamma Mary Ellen it depended on the child. A sandwich, chips, and cookies or a pudding was a great go to.

“For our youngest that meant a pepperoni and cheese sandwich until he wouldn’t eat that and it was time to find something new! For our middle child it meant some lunch meat, a slice of cheese and lettuce. For our oldest, though, it could’ve been anything from a sandwich to a can of spaghetti. Lunchables were also really big when those came out too!”

Snacks were also a must for a growing child during the school day! “Snacks would depend on the child too, but for the most part, they liked carrot or celery sticks, or fruit. Sometimes I’d surprise them with a Little Debbie or a honey bun. They weren’t the healthiest snacks, but it was a nice treat for the kids.”

After school they’d end their day with a snack at the house and a walk on the beach with their dad if there was time. Not a bad way to spend a day! Here’s to hoping that this school year brings yummy snacks and great memories for you and your whole family!