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Get Your Howl On!

The Story Behind the Howlin'™ Hound

I've come to the conclusion that those who "howl" the most, have the most fun...and are just plain happier people. Now howlin', by my vocabulary, is that euphoric Yelp, Yell, WOOP! or HECK YEA! When something goes right in a really big way. So, it's pretty simple logic, the more good you have going for you, the more you’re naturally going to howl.  

The scenes are all familiar. The big Saturday night touchdown that seals a victory for your team - a stadium full of howlin’! Or what about the feeling when a 5 lb. bass almost takes the rod out of your hands…and the howlin’ that goes on when you land him in the boat!? Then there’s hitting the triple 7’s on a slot machine - definitely howl-worthy…and of course, when the girlfriend finally gets the big question that she’s been patiently waiting on - major howlin’!

All these things are big deals and of course, reasons to howl. But I decided a while back, that I wasn’t going to wait till I won the jackpot to do my howlin’. I’ve always tried to be an ultra-positive person and look for the smallest reasons to howl. When I find the crumpled up 5 dollar bill in my jeans that have been washed, dried and hung up for a week…I’m howlin’ “Show Me The Money!” Or when, at the flea market, I find the $3 gem (that for some reason someone wants to sell!) - You can bet I’m howlin’ to anyone in earshot about my score! (Sometimes my wife doesn't share the same excitement on these trophies for some reason- but that’s another blog). My point is, THE FUN IS IN THE HOWLIN’!

All of this leads to our Howlin’™ Hound logo that we use for Southern Fried Cotton. Not only is the Hound an iconic sporting dog in the deep south and a great identifier of the Southern Fried lifestyle we live, but these guys can howl!  

Southern Fried Cotton draws a lot of comparisons to these hounds and it’s why you’ll see it in our branding. We don’t claim to be the coolest, most well-heeled breed in town, but we’re true and comfortable with who we are.  We love our naps on the front porch, and we love to look for reasons to howl. Whether it’s towards a raccoon, the moon, or the by chance we’re given a free burrito coupon! So each time you see our Howlin’ Hound logo, aside from feeling connected to your Southern Fried roots, I hope you make a point to search out the smallest of triumphs, be thankful for them, and "Howl On"!


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James J Lee
James J Lee

January 10, 2017

From the Howling Hounds Lacrosse Team up in Louisville, KY.

To Chuck, John & Chris, CONGRATULATIONS on the Victory! Heck of a game!

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