Cotton Broker Application

We are so glad you are interested in becoming one of our Cotton Brokers for the Spring 2016 semester! You are the type of fun, self driven, hardworking people that we are looking to grow our group!  

With that being said, we understand that the semester can get busy with school and extracurricular activities, so we want to make sure that when you apply to be a Cotton Broker, you are confident that it is something that will fit into your schedule! Here are the essential responsibilities of a Cotton Broker:

  • - Post/share 4 times each month on Facebook
  • -Post/share 2 times each month on Instagram
  • - 1 pre-approved event per semester
  • - Share your personal discount code
  • - Comment/Like on our Southern Fried Cotton social posts

Optional activities:

  • - Participate in monthly photo competitions
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