Southern Fried Kanga


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Brand: Southern Fried Cotton



The Kanga is the Iceless cooler designed to wrap around an entire case of beer, soda, or seltzers, keeping them cold for up to 7 hours!

PADDED HANDLE For comfort - the Kase Mate features a strong handle wrapped in soft EVA Padding.

LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighing in at less than a pound, the Kase Mate adds virtually no weight to the beverage case. Since it doesn't require ice either, it is the most lightweight cooler available.

• MACHINE WASHABLE - Just like your favorite shirt you've worn for years, the Kase Mate is Machine Washable so you can keep it looking great. Machine Wash Air Dry.

FITS AROUND THE CASE - The Kase Mate is perfectly sized to fit a 12 case of beverages inside. Just slide a cold case (cardboard and all) into the Kase Mate and enjoy!

Check out the link to see a step by step on how to use!



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