Slim Sachet-Greenleaf


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Brand: Greenleaf Inc

Slim Sachets
Greenleaf's signature scented sachet feature
original Greenleaf patterns fashionably cover the  the envelopes
each featuring one of our 101 sachet tips on the back.
5.5 cu in/90 ml
rooms, closets, office,vehicles, storage, pet areas  & more!

Classic Linen-Fragrance Family - Fresh & Clean-Fresh fragrance of air and clean water, wrapped with sweet floral and balsamic notes

Haven-Fragrance Family - Fresh & Clean-Fresh seashore breeze blended with lavender and jasmine, woody amber and sweet musk

Lavender-Fragrance Family - Floral-The calming essence of lavender, relaxing and pure.

Bella Freesia-Fragrance Family - Floral-Freesia bouquets and delicate white tea flutter into citrus accords of tangerine and bergamot, while puffs of cotton blossom float on aromatic pools of amber

Sea Spray-Fragrance Family - Fresh-A blissful kiss from the sea, Seaspray bottles salty air thrills in a refreshing composition of jasmine, sandalwood and musk. 

Cashmere Kiss-Fragrance Family - Floral-Cashmere Kiss is bound by passion and romance. Stirring citrus accords tenderly fold into fields of jasmine and rose. A rich finish of vanilla, patchouli and musk seal the fragrance with a kiss of elegance

Spa Spring-Fragrance Family - Fresh & Clean The peaceful melody of dancing palm trees and rippling waters, Spa Springs opens with a wave of aquatic notes and gentle breezes that trickle into citrus pools of bergamot. A duo of amber and musk issue a revitalizing balance to this serenely composed fragrance.

Enchanted Wish-Fragrance Family - Floral Warm and sweet, Enchanted Wish combines bright notes of anise, tropical pineapple, lemon zest, and rosewood with a floral bouquet of exotic jasmine, powdery rose, and sweet lily of the valley.



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