About Us

About SoFriCo

Being a graphic design and screen printing company for more than 25 years, we’ve designed a countless number of t shirts for other people, helping them tell their stories. Back in 2012, we decided that our own stories based on our own roots were worth telling. We wanted to create a brand that could capture the Southern Fried lifestyle that we grew up with and still live today. Each of the 3 owners were raised in the Upstate of South Carolina, where there were frequent trips to the coast, plenty of weekends on the lake, and lots of time spent on dirt roads and back woods with either a dog or a gun…or both. When you force all those stories together and make them collide, it’s a mixed up, mashed up, perfect mess of goodness.  We’re smashing country with coastal, sand with dirt, prep with grit, and vintage with new. Some of our designs reflect good ole days while others are timeless that all ages can appreciate…regardless, they’re all Southern Fried!  

The 3 owners are Chuck Rice who grew up in Anderson, John Earle who grew up in Walhalla, and Chris Bandy who grew up in Easley.  All came together in Clemson, SC where they live, work and enjoy the Southern Fried Lifestyle with their families.


To contact our corporate office call: (864) 653-0947